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Thanksgiving Leftovers - What do I do with all this TURKEY??

Thanksgiving Leftovers - What do I do with all this TURKEY??

November 30, 2022

Today we are talking way more than just a turkey sandwich!


Resources Mentioned:

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Julia Child

Why Did Jello Salad Go Out of Style, Proof podcast

Fannie’s Last Supper

Will Harris on Joe Rogan

Always Hungry with Bobby Flay and Sofie Flay


Recipes Information:

Turkey Bone Broth (Nourish the Littles)

Gluten-free chicken pot pie (Danielle Walker)

Sourdough pie crust (Butter for All)

Sourdough chicken pot pie (Farmhouse on Boone)


Wise Traditions 2022

Wise Traditions 2022

November 16, 2022

Show notes coming soon!

Real Food Thanksgiving

Real Food Thanksgiving

November 2, 2022

Get all the Thanksgiving tips and tricks. Hear from Christine and Corey about what we do with our families and how we handle the planning, cooking, and family dynamics.


Don’t forget to save your turkey bones and make bone broth, turkey broth is delicious!


Correction: Corey said that her husband is hoping to get a wild turkey for Thanksgiving. This is not an option because the of the turkey hunting season isn’t until after the holiday. 


Resources Mentioned:

Thanksgiving Gantt Chart (the organizing spreadsheet Corey mentioned)


Recipes Information:

Thanksgiving Stuffing with Giblets: Liver, Heart, and Gizzard

Turkey Broth

Thanksgiving Sides

Dry Brined Turkey

Sourdough Pie Crust

Sourdough Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Bone Marrow Custard 

Honoring Our Body’s Wisdom with Chef James Barry

Honoring Our Body’s Wisdom with Chef James Barry

October 19, 2022

In this episode, we interview James Barry, chef and founder of Eat Pluck, an organ meat-based seasoning. The conversation flows in and out of various topics including diet culture and the many different diet fads, including organ meats in the diet, bio-individuality, listening to the body’s wisdom, being a stay-at-home dad and so much more. This conversation got deep on many different levels and is packed with nuggets of wisdom from James who has been in the ancestral eating space for over 16 years. 


Books Mentioned:

The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children

It Takes Guts



Nutrition Information 

Restorative Wellness Solutions

Nutritional Therapy Association 


Connect with James Barry



Eat Pluck


Previous MAM Episode Mentioned:

Halloween Episode

72 Years Wisdom

72 Years Wisdom

October 5, 2022

In this episode, Corey and I reflect on our birthdays and everything we have learned in the past 36 years of our lives. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen to our episodes and follow us along on our journey of motherhood and holistic living. Stay tuned for many more interesting and informative episodes in season 2!    Barefoot Shoes: Crupon Barefoot Sandals Xero Barefoot Shoes for Kids Earth Runners   Natural Movement: Structural Elements (Local to DFW only) Kali Johnson @dancescienceapproved    Previous MAM Episodes Mentioned: Halloween Episode Wise Traditions Conference 2021 Recap Postpartum Episode  

Food Education and Food Freedom with Liz Haselmayer

Food Education and Food Freedom with Liz Haselmayer

August 31, 2022

This is the last episode of season 1. We will be back soon with more episodes!


Trigger warning: Eating disorders


This episode touches on so many wonderful topics! Liz shares her history of her eating disorder and how that led her to create the Homegrown Education Curriculum. She talks about how we can educate our own kids (no matter what age) on the food they are eating and give them a lifelong, healthy relationship with food. She dives into what the Homegrown Education Curriculum is and how individuals can use it in their home or school. Finally, the conversation weaves in and out following the theme that food education IS food FREEDOM. Ultimately, we want our kids (and ourselves) to have the knowledge and freedom to choose the best foods for our family. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! 


Books Mentioned:

Nourishing Traditions

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children


Films Mentioned:

From the Source on the Magnolia Network

Master Chef Junior


Resources Mentioned:

UDF (United Dairy Farmers)


Connect with Liz Haselmayer:


Homegrown Education

Homegrown Podcast


Christine’s Starting Solids with Baby Online Course:

Nurtured Foundations

The Nurtured Foundations Cookbook


What CAN I Eat?! - Snacks Edition

What CAN I Eat?! - Snacks Edition

August 17, 2022

In this episode, we talk about a hot topic: snacks! We start out by sharing some of the statistics related to Americans and their snacking habits as well as how much money the snacking industry makes. Then we go into some of the effects snacks have on our health and our children’s health. The conversation also touches on managing snacks outside the home at parties, sports events, and relatives’ homes. We end the episode by discussing how we each of our families manage snacks at home, what snacks we feed our kids, and listing off some of our favorite packaged snack brands as well as homemade snack ideas. 


Because there were so many snack brands and homemade snack suggestions mentioned in the episode, we decided to create a document to put them all together in one place for our listeners. As a thank you for taking the time to listen to our podcast, please click here to access the Modern Ancestral Mama Snacking Cheat Sheet! 


Finding Joy in Homemaking with Lisa Clark

Finding Joy in Homemaking with Lisa Clark

August 3, 2022

In this episode, we interview Lisa Clark from Holistic Homemaking. We cover what homemaking is, the benefits it imparts on family life, how anyone can be a homemaker, budgeting tips, and finding joy in the kitchen. Lisa shares a little bit of her past and how she became interested in homemaking and ancestral nutrition. We discuss how even the busiest Modern Ancestral Mama can be a homemaker and how it can positively create a nurturing environment for the family. 


Books Mentioned:

Nourishing Traditions


Resources Mentioned:

Mylar Bags with Oxygen Absorber 

5 Gallon Jugs for Raw Milk

Azure Standard


Connect with Lisa Clark:

Holistic Homemaker Substack

Holistic Homemaking Instagram (@holistic_homemaking)

Free ebook

What CAN I Eat?! - Drinks Edition

What CAN I Eat?! - Drinks Edition

July 20, 2022

In this episode, we talk about drinks! We discuss the less than desirable popular drinks consumed in today’s modern culture. Then we share some healthier alternatives as well as strategies for weaning off the extra sugary processed drinks. The conversation also touches on managing drinks outside the home at parties and relatives’ homes.


Note: At the beginning of the show we talked a little bit about Coca-Cola and Corey might have mentioned something about the original recipe containing cocaine…after further research, we realized it was not the whole truth and had a good laugh about our blunder. Here is a fun article on the history of the original Coca-Cola. Oops!


Books Mentioned:

Cancer and the New Biology of Water

Nourishing Traditions


Recipes Mentioned:

Thanksgiving Stuffing with Gizzards

Chicken Salad with Liver (or gizzards)

Bone Broth Hot Chocolate


Other Podcast Mentioned:

The Ancestral Kitchen


Products Mentioned:

LMNT Electrolyte Powder

Dry Farm Wines (Corey’s Affiliate Link) *When you purchase using this link, you can get a bottle for a penny! And Corey gets a kickback. Thanks for supporting her! 


The Sacred Woman with Laura Prentice

The Sacred Woman with Laura Prentice

June 22, 2022

In this episode, we interview Laura Prentice who is a Fertility Awareness Method practitioner. We touch on what FAM is and how women can use it to achieve or prevent pregnancy. She also shares with us the dark truth behind birth control, Pap smears, and mammograms. Finally, she shares with us how the modern ancestral mom can support their daughter through the tumultuous puberty years and reminds us all that womanhood is sacred, beautiful, and worthy of being celebrated! 


*Note* Christine made a mistake and introduced Laura as “Laura Beldam,” her actual name is: Laura Prentice. 


Resources Mentioned:

Girls Online Menstrual Course

Denelle Barbara Randall (@cervicalwellness)

Cervical Wellness


Connect with Laura Prentice:

Beldam Woman Care

Beldam Woman Care Instagram (@beldamwomancare)

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